Art Every Day offers professional art instruction that can teach your young artist, offer fun clay sculpture,  do a painted paper pet portrait, (see examples in the gallery) or find a piece of the mixed media that speaks to you to purchase.  Also if you need someone to help make your theatre set have the look and feel of your story, I hope you find the right information here to help you connect. Make sure you check out my gallery section

for a peek in to all that I do.

See Art Every Day....Do Art Every Day....Be Art Every Day.

Artfully yours,  Nelah Smith Gabler



All my life art, performance and hands on, has been the one constant life force, offering reward and building self esteem along the way. Since 1978 I have been teaching youth ages 4-18 art in some form and planting seeds of success and creativity. A happy parent who loved what her kids were doing in art class in preschool, changed my direction by offering a job in the arts at a county art facility, The Art Place-Mt. VIew. This is where I stayed and eventually ran, including my teaching years, for over 20 years. Each day I worked with amazing staff, artists and patrons. My daily job had a good bit of administration obligations, but I still got paid to work with clay, paint and design theatre sets, act, direct and produce shows, work with a non-profit and book and organize gallery exhibits. In 2015 I retired and now I choose when and where I do the above! Art Every Day is my mantra and feeds my soul. I hope through my offerings I will help others to find the same joy.



"Ms. Nelah is a wonderful and gifted art teacher. All four of my children have had the privilege of learning from her. Though they are all grown, their precious artwork still hangs on our walls and sits our shelves. Visitors compliment the art all the time. My children are all creative and I know Ms. Nelah helped show them the way...Precious memories for this mom everyday."   Jeanine Sineath Marlow

"I have known Ms. Nelah since I was a blooming artist. She has always been a mentor to me. Naturally  I was thrilled when my daughter was old enough to take her MFDC. It was the highlight of her week and she came away with more confidence and appreciation for art. We also have one of her professional paper collage pieces in our daughters play room. Now her creations can hang next to Ms Nelah's!  We are so proud!" Beth Orlowski Anderson 

In Picture: Student (4yrs) finishes up his pirate!

Harvey's Pirate.jpg


Here you will find a combination of my student, theatre and personal work. Please feel free to contact me with questions about classes, productions, art work you are interested in, (mixed media collage or ceramic sculpture) or workshops you would like to coordinate. Some pieces here are sold but I can work with you on a commissioned piece.

Pieces linked to Smith Gilbert Gardens can be found there to purchase.

 Thank you for visiting! 

See. Do. Be Art Every Day.

Buddy 2.JPG
Trudy 2.jpg
Float Away
Hi Drangea..What's Up?
Feeling Koi;available @ Smith-Gilbert Gardens
Rosie .JPG
Two Bees & Not Two Bees
Wren Will This Be Over!
Hanging Out
Bird RV.jpg
Tweets-Blue Bird Bell
Christmas Trees.JPG
Tree Frog 19.jpg
Fox in the Snow.jpg
Peter & the Starcatcher Cast
Cathedral Window Mary Poppins
Me at Painted Paper Workshop.jpg
Working on Lyric Theatre CATS set (2).jpg
Working on Shrek.jpg
Ruby Cooper Art Night.jpg


Creative Choices

Whether you are looking for art class for your young artist, need a pet portrait or other collage commission, a set artist for your community show, or are interested in what I am creating, I hope the information here will help you connect
to those needs.

Snorkeler 2.jpg



Planting the Seeds of Success through the Creative Process for the Young Artist-

Process over Product Instruction 

Since 1990 I have been enjoying  the entertaining minds of the 4 & 5 year old. This entertainment happens while teaching them basic drawing lessons. What they don't know is while they are having fun they are also reinforcing cognitive and eye to hand coordination skills. The technique I use allows them to repeat the lesson easily later and continue creating on their own. Each lesson they leave with a completed piece, worthy of any refrigerator or posting online! 

 Due to the COVID-19 I am not teaching in person at any location at this time. I do have virtual lessons available at my FB art page; Art Every Day Studio https://www.facebook.com/paintedpapyrus You may view them there or for inquiry about lessons please use the contact info in website. 

Cathedral Window.jpg


Fulfilling a Director's Vision and Artistic Needs

As a theatre major, I am blessed to have worked and continue to live in a community where theatre thrives...It lives in art centers, churches, alley ways, old renovated movie houses, covered and open amphitheatres and major upscale equity theatres.  I am lucky to say I have directed, designed and/or painted sets in all of them. I have learned from the best and continue to do Art Every Day in the place where it happens. Contact me if you
have a show coming up!