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See. Do. Be

The collections below are representations of my work. If you find a piece that brings you joy and wish to inquire about it or a commission similar to that work please use the contact me information in the website home page.


Painted Papyrus

Painted Papyrus Collection


Art Every Day Ceramics

Art Every Day Clay Play



Commissions & Murals


All my life art, performance and hands on, has been the one constant life force, offering reward and building self esteem along the way. Since 1978 I have been teaching youth ages 4-18 art in some form and planting seeds of success and creativity. A happy parent who loved what her kids were doing in art class in preschool, changed my direction by offering a job in the arts at a county art facility, The Art Place-Mt. VIew. This is where I stayed and eventually ran, including my teaching years, for over 20 years. Each day I worked with amazing staff, artists and patrons. In 2015 I retired and now I choose when and where I do all of the above! Art Every Day is my mantra and it feeds my soul. Take a look at the pieces included in the website and other information about the scope of my work. I hope you will find something that brings you the same joy I found in created them.
Please feel free to contact me with any art related questions! You may find some of my work to purchase at and 

Meet the Artist:
Nelah Smith Gabler



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